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Welcome to Independence Middle School Counseling Page

Counseling Information:
Our goal is to help your children be successful academically, socially, and emotionally throughout their Independence experience and beyond.
We meet with students individually at their request or if they present with a concern through teachers, administrators, the school nurse, parents, or friends. Please contact us if your child may need our guidance regarding an anxiety problem, bullying situation, divorce, death in the family, or any other difficult issue as we can provide a supportive listening environment, academic plan, and outside resource information as needed.
We meet with with groups of students during lunch on a weekly basis to foster friendships, problem-solving and social skills. Each fall, we bring together students who are new to the district through “newcomers club” activities. We teach lessons in large group and classroom settings regarding good decision making, bullying awareness, responsible social media use, and character development.
We also investigate students’ interests and future plans through career exploration activities. The link to our Naviance college/career software is on our website. We facilitate high school scheduling and transition activities for eighth graders.
We provide outside agency information to students and their families who are in need of counseling, medical, and/or economic support. Please view the links below.
We are very happy to work with your children and to make IMS a place where they feel comfortable and valued!

How to Meet Our Counselors

You may ask your child’s teacher or principal for a group or team meeting. You may also contact your child’s counselor by phone or email:
8th Grade Counselor
Mrs. Jennifer Moyle-Blodgett Miklos
7th Grade Counselor
Mrs. Jordan Henderson